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ANXIETY CALM BALM - Paws Right Theres bestselling Paw Balm for the last 2 years. It not only maintains the suppleness of your dogs paws but also assists in reducing anxiety when applied. Our balms are NATURAL, VEGAN FRIENDLY & CRUELTY FREE.


Does your dog suffer with:

  • Generally nervous/anxious behaviour that leads to paw chewing 
  • Mild separation anxiety
  • Mild car anxiety
  • Mild anxious/depresses or hyperactive tendencies 
  • Loud noises/fireworks
  • Grief/bereavement of another family pet
  • Dry or rough paw pads 
  • Insomnia or poor sleeping patterns 
  • Recovering from an operation and needs some TLC paw massages with calming properties


The anxiety paw balm for dogs contains essential healing properties that may assist in the treatment of rough paws & general discomfort, leaving them soft & supple. The gentle blend of lavender, sweet almond oil & Roman chamomile emit calming properties to assist easing signs of anxiety in your dog. *please note our products may not smell strong to the human nose but we add just the right amount for your dog, a dog possesses 250,000 more olfactory receptors in their noses compared to humans so it is important not to overpower their senses. 

A well formulated paw balm can be life-changing for your dog, it really is that simple! 


  • You can apply anytime of the day by massaging the balm into the paw pads and a small amount rubbed behind the ears for the calming properties to work their magic (not inside the ear drum, just behind the outside of the ears)…however, we recommend applying to the paws every evening as your dog winds down for bedtime. This will ensure the product will have maximum effect by prolonging contact with the skin. Once you see an improvement with your dogs paws or anxiety levels you can adjust the application frequency to a couple of times per week, to maintain suppleness or apply as needed during stressful times of the day such as before car journeys, bonfire night or simply leaving to go to work if you dog suffers with separation anxiety.