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Pre Walkies Barrier Balm - Paws & Nose
PREVENT & PROTECT those precious paws during the allergy seasons. 


This specially formulated balm is a barrier, healing and maintenance solution for your pets paws & noses providing protection BEFORE walking outside; in the spring/summer is helps prevent the paws from drying out in the heat, minimises the chance of the paw pads becoming rough or cracked during the warmer seasons.  


Applying BEFORE walks can reduce in allergies/pollen & other irritants getting contact with the skin.


It also provides immediate relief from dry, itchy and irritated skin. A Paw Balm for your dog which not only maintains the suppleness of your dogs paws & nose but also created using 100% NATURAL, VEGAN FRIENDLY & CRUELTY FREE premium ingredients. The paw & nose balm for dogs contains essential healing properties that may assist the treatment of rough paws & general discomfort, leaving them soft & supple.

A well formulated paw balm can be life-changing for your dog, it really is that simple!

Pre Walkies Barrier Balm - Paws & Nose - Vegan, 100% natural

  • Warm the balm by swirling the product with the pad of your finger, it will soon whip up into a creamy soothing delight which you can apply anytime of the day by massaging the balm into the paws and nose, however, we recommend applying to the paws BEFORE walks as a BARRIER.  Also of an evening as your dog winds down for bedtime. This will ensure the product will have maximum effect by prolonging contact with the skin. Once you see an improvement with your dogs paws or nose you can adjust the application frequency to a couple of times per week, to maintain suppleness.

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