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It’s a lilac polka dot love affair. Lovely lilac, it goes with pretty much everything doesn’t it? Its soft, pastel tone sits nicely with any outfit or outing, definitely something to shout about. And polka dots? well, they’re just fun. A pleasing, pastel, polka dot bit of fun, definitely a trend that doesn’t want to be missed.


There is also a stainless steel welded O ring on the handle to be able to attach accessories such as a treat pouch or poo bag holder. Each lead is 130cm in length and machine washable at 30 degrees.


Simply attach the clip to your pet’s collar or harness to take them on a walk, whether it be in the countryside, along the road side or around the house and garden - Perfect for puppy training - long enough for miniature dogs and puppies, soft and comfy for your hands but strong enough to allow for dogs that love to explore out in front (or dawdle behind).

Lilac Polka Dot Dog Lead


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