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2nd Dec - Santa Paws came to Lynton!

A HUGE thank you to everyone who visited and took part in Merry Woofmas Part 1 today. Thank you to the amazing Hannah for being such a ball of energy and taking all the photos . Thank you to the most amazing Santa Paws, Dan Day-Robinson, and for being so patient with all the dogs and making a lot of people happy . We are going through the photos tomorrow and will put them on social media asap.

We managed to fill the Dogs Trust donation tin and you all made many more donations to their gift post box. The raffle tickets for Many More Tears Animal Sanctuary also flew out.

Merry Woofmas Part 2 is only 6 days away - we have more free gift bags to give away to every dog that visits, you can still enter the raffle and donate a gift to the Dogs Trust. Plus it is the drawing of the raffle and the final of our online fashion show!

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