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Grain free, natural dog cake!


Introducing the UK's exclusive Devon Scone for Dogs—a delectable indulgence that's as healthy as it is delightful!

These scones are a true canine luxury, featuring a luscious beetroot 'jam' and our signature icing that mimics whipped cream. They look indulgent but are far healthier than the human equivalent.


Crafted with love, these scones are free from any artificial additives, sugar, or preservatives. We believe that your furry friend deserves the best, even during tea time. Treat your pup to a taste of sophistication with our Devon Scones, because every pup deserves a touch of luxury!



The Devon Scone

  • Gram flour, organic grade A coconut, 100% pure peanut butter (made by us in house!), beetroot & our signature natural, plant based and sugar free icing!

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