Cheesy Valentines Card


Valentine’s Day is all about expressing your love in cheesy gestures, right?


Well our friend Gemma from Scoff Paper decided to literally make, what will definitely be, the cheesiest card ever know to man (or dog… but particularly to dog).


This tasty edible Valentine’s Card for dogs is cheese flavoured.  So, it’s a cheesy valentine’s card… that is actually a Cheesy Valentine’s Card.

That’s like two dimensions of cheesery… It might belong in a different cheese-e-verse, we just don’t know.


Either way, your dog will love it, and you love your dog, so make sure you send them a thick slice of your love this Valentine’s Day.


Just like all our cheese flavoured cards, this tasty greeting is vegan friendly and contains no nasties. 



Roses are red...Valentines Card.


Twas William Shakespeare that once wrote – “If music be the food of love, play on.”

So by expertly channelling all of the poetic majesty of Shakespeare himself, Gemma has devised this rhyming ditty to express your love this Valentine’s Day.

Okay, it’s not exactly a musical card (it’s not exactly Shakespeare either), but it is the next best thing. It’s a silly rhyme!

Just think - you’ll get to recite it to your beloved pooch, just before they devour it – so it’s a kind of the “food of love” if you want look at it like that.

So, if this card be the food of love, Scoff on!

This card is made with natural ingredients, containing no Rawhide. Scoff Paper is vegan friendly, wheat, gluten and grain free and contains key vitamins and Omega 3 and 6.

Your single sheet Scoff Paper card comes with a snazzy orange envelope to pop your card in and clear directions for use.

All of Scoff Paper 's materials and packaging are recyclable and their cellophane wrapping is biodegradable. So we are good for dogs, and good for the planet too!


EDIBLE Valentines Card