Thats right - our cards are edible!

It’s a day when nobody can stop you just going all out for your dog. You don’t get judged (much), 

With this Christmas card that your dogs can eat, imagine the joy on their little face, while they look on, confused, with their little paper hat on their head.

The second you open the envelope, they’ll smell the strong flavour of a tasty treat, and will, undoubtedly, love you forever.

Our Christmas cards are available in 4 different flavours!  Tis the cheese on is obviously cheese flavour, Merry Christmas with a dog and candy canes in lip smackingly mint flavour, Fairy Tale of New Pork is bacon and our final card is a Merry Christmas flavoured with turkey!

It’s surprisingly vegan friendly, grain free, gluten free and contains absolutely no rawhide.

It’s just good eats, and Christmas treats.

All of our materials and packaging are recyclable and our cellophane wrapping is biodegradable. So we are good for dogs, and good for the planet too!

EDIBLE Christmas Card