On the 12 days of Christmas, The Lyn Valley Dog House gave to me:


1 x Pigs Ear

1 x Black Pudding Stick

1 x Sausage Roll

1 x Piece of Roast Beef

1x  Hoof

1 x Chicken Foot

1 x Pork Crunch

1 x Piece of Roast Lamb

1 x Piece of Beef Tripe

1 x Short Trachea

1 x Rabbits Ear

And a treat bag full of turkey and cranberry sausages


Plus, to celebrate Dexter's birthday on Boxing Day, he is adding his favourite liver sausages to the box as a free gift!


Please note, this box is not suitable for puppies under the age of 16 weeks. As with all treats, please  do not leave your dog on their own when eating their treats, and ensure they have access to water.

12 Days of Christmas Natural Treat Box